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Chillers and Heat Pumps

Solitaire AQUA Chillers are perfect solution for each and every industrial cooling applications. It is highly efficient with maximum energy saving and very low maintenance cost. Chilled water is very much necessary for many industrial applications as it improves productivity and smoothens the industrial process thus ensuring long life for machinery, less production time and drastic reduction in cost.

Solitaire AQUA chillers always supply chilled water at the exact temperature requested by the machine manufacturer, even at any ambient temperatures (Specifically for G.C.C) and different load requests. The standard models can be upgraded by a wide range of options and accessories available on request.Solitaire AQUA chillers maximize productivity and minimize cost. The machines function fully in conformity with water regulations and quality.

Our Chillers are suitable for following manufacturing applications

Water jet Cutting Systems
Plastics-injection Moulding / blow Moulding Extrusion, Film Extrusion, Thermo Foaming, PVC Pipes
Ready Mix, Concrete Mixing Plants
Paper Manufacturing, Printing , Card Board Labels, Plastic Film
Low Temperature Applications, Cold Storages
Laser –Welding Profiling, Cutting, Optics, Medical Aesthetics
Air Conditioning
Mechanical Heavy Duty Industrial Lathes, Heavy Duty Air Compressor, Polishing, Machine Cooling
Food- Food Processing, Kitchen, Drinks
Lubricants – Oil Cooling and Dewaxing of Oils
Industrial Laundry

Heat pump technology is based on refrigeration cycle, Heat Pump absorbs heat from the atmosphere and delivers to pools in winter. In summer it absorbs from pool water and transfers it to atmosphere. Heat pump technology developed (updates) and expanded in the market because of VERY LOW Electrical consumption as compared to an electrical pool heater. The main attraction of solitaire AQUA heat pumps is its design with HIGH COP with almost 80% electrical saving and 4-5 times energy output. Solitaire AQUA heat pumps are designed specially for G.C.C conditions based on temperatures of 52◦ C in summer and 6◦C winter. Electrical heaters, gas oil has running costs and will be useful only during winter (maximum 4 months).

In Gulf summer is long and ambient temperatures are very high for comfort swimming as per standard the water temperature should be 28-29◦C in summer and 30-32◦C in winter. Only heat pumps can give heating and cooling simultaneously for the pool as per the standard temperature. Solitaire AQUA heat pumps are highly efficient and one of the BEST RATED LEADING HEAT PUMPS available n the market an excellent back-up team comprising of qualified engineers & technically experienced staff.


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