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These factors have paved the way for Solitaire Solar International to begin commercializing technologically advanced solitairesolar® water heating systems for domestic and commercial use, and distributing them in the UAE, other parts of the MENA region and globally.
The ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate verifies that both product and service quality levels of solitairesolar® are exceptional high and is in compliance with best global practice standards. The company has also been certified under the international standard, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and is well placed against our competitors and is duly recognized at the global level.
Solitaire Solar Water Heating System tested and product certified by the Dubai Municipality - DCL (Dubai Central Laboratory), registered supplier of approved Solar Water Heating Systems as per “List of Approved Solar Water Heating Systems and Their Suppliers” published by Dubai Central Laboratory Department( DM Circular No. (183) 2011 – DCLD) and ECAS / ESMA (Emirates Standardization & Metrology Authority).


Conergy Pty. Ltd, Australia has appointed Solitaire Solar International as the solar water heater distributor for Conergy® products in most regions throughout the Gulf. With an exclusive network of committed distributors and experienced management team, Solitaire Solar will undoubtedly achieve their vision of becoming the most successful, globally branded solar thermal company. Our management and staff have a combined industry experience of over 20 years in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Caribbean, Middle East, Africa, Pacific and the Indian Ocean and as such “Conergy” is considered to have one of the most experienced management groups in the solar and related industry today.

“Conergy” is a specialist design and consulting company with core competencies in developing and marketing solar thermal water heaters and heating & cooling pumps. Our main focus is identifying hot water requirements of the domestic and international consumer markets, with specialist expertise in designing, certifying, producing, marketing and selling the appropriate product for each market, at the best value for the distributor and consumer. “Conergy” will source the most suitable products for the markets its services to ensure it maintains a sustainable competitive advantage. “Conergy” also offers to arrange the necessary local and regional approvals and certifications for products in international markets. Solitaire Solar international's parent company, the “Conergy” Group has majority ownership in two of the largest solar thermal and other water heating and cooling manufacturers in Europe. These companies have factories in Australia, Germany, Austria and Greece and produce 600,000 m2 (6,459,000 ft2) of collectors and other related products to an equal proportion annually. The manufacturer has recently completed new factory facilities and with the current Austrian manufacturing capacity, the two sites have the potential to double their output in the next 6 months. “Conergy” obtains their collectors from these two manufacturers and other reliable manufacturers who are ISO 9000 certified or have similar Quality Standards Certification.

Ariston ®

Ariston Thermo Group offers a complete range of heating and hot water products, systems and services designed to provide the maximum degree of comfort with the minimum use of energy. The 2010 marks the 80th anniversary of our solid family owned business, based on a strong entrepreneurial culture and a long term commitment to the economic and social progress. Ariston is present from more than 30 years in the Middle East, having supplied electric storage water heaters to most of the major projects in the region. At Ariston Thermo Group we see energy efficiency as a synergy between optimum comfort, savings to the user and benefits to the environment. Ariston created a new European centre of competence for solar thermal in central Italy. Ariston supplied an advanced 7,500 m2 solar system for the Beijing Olympics. With a continued investment in the development of a comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy solutions we can match any customer need. At Ariston Thermo Group we have a commitment to a very important target: to reach 80% of our sales from high efficiency and renewable energy solutions by 2020.

The new full range of solar systems and heat pumps, made In Italy, is now available in UAE and all over Middle East. Ariston also offers a gas boiler range from 18 to 1000 kW, gas water heaters and industrial capacity storage tanks, offering the ideal solution to any need of hot water.

  • Production Process

    Solitairesolar® AS Series—closed circuit split system:- Active systems also known as split systems which are usually installed when visual impact is to be kept to a minimum or the roof structure is not able to hold a tank or the requirement is for a large volume storage tank used in commercial / industrial premises, High efficiency solar water heaters with roof mounted collectors and ground / roof standing vertical storage tanks, designed for poor water quality and frost prone areas, designed to use special solar transfer fluid which is circulated through the system by a pump which transfers the heat exchange module/ system in the storage tank, Available from 300L-3000L storage tank sizes. A combination of cutting edge technology and high level of innovation, with high performance and maximum efficiency. A life time investment with maximum annual savings over 25years and an average short payback period of 3 years, with a significant reduction in heating costs and at the same time , an increase in heating comfort, the most economical and efficient water heating system.

    Solitairesolar® TS series - Open Circuit System - Thermosiphon:-   Open Circuit System designed, manufactured and assembled particularly for the weather and water conditions of the MENA region, complete and compact close coupled flat or pitched on-roof . Thermosiphon system is a natural heating system where the storage tank and solar collectors are mounted on the roof as a unit with no moving parts resulting in low maintenance, open circuit where water to be heated is circulated in the system by Thermosiphon principle of natural convection whereby water heated in the solar collector panels rises up into the storage tank and is replaced by cold water from the water main supply in a continues cycle, simple, stylish and innovative model, unmatched quality standards and performance efficiency, first and only solar water heating system tested and certified by the Dubai Municipality Laboratory (DCL) and ESMA, ruggedly built to handle the harshness and extremes of any environment that guarantees long service life and durability.

    Solitairesolar® TS series - Closed Circuit System- Thermosiphon:-   Closed Circuit Thermosiphon system is a natural heating system where the storage tank and solar collectors are mounted on the roof as a unit with no moving parts resulting in low maintenance. Similar to Open Circuit System but in operation closed circuit system use to heat the water while remain in a separate compartment tank inside the system through a Heat exchanger liquid which is inside another compartment (Jacketed System). As for Thermosiphon principle of natural convection whereby heat exchanger liquid in the solar collector panels rises up into the storage tank and heated the cold water compartment inside the tank from the water main supply in a continues cycle, simple, stylish and innovative model, unmatched quality standards and performance efficiency. 

  • Boiler Designing Process
  • Production Process

  • Computerized Welding
  • Package Completion
  • Foam Injecting Process
  • Final Stages of production


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