Solitaire Solar

Storage Tanks

Solitaire Solar International that are made of , mild steel low carbon enamel grade inner tank double lined with high temperature vitreous porcelain enamel with sacrificial magnesium anode for extra protection and long life in hard water areas, zinc aluminium outer tank with high density CFC free poly-urethane insulation for maximum structural strength, heat retention and protection against extremely harsh desert solar radiation levels with adjustable Thermostat and thermosiphon safety arrestor valve for ultimate protection. Solitaire Solar International with a standby electric booster in the storage tank as standard to heat part of the stored potable water on those occasions when there is reduced solar energy such as cloudy days. The booster is thermostatically controlled so it only delivers the energy required then automatically turns off. Under normal operating conditions the potable water within the storage tank is heated only by the solar collectors. The system is primarily designed to operate only based on demand of hot water and the temperature of the water in the storage tank.


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